Friday, September 27, 2013

Jobs for MBBS graduates in india and abroad

MBBS Graduates can now acquire jobs online instantly with more ease and comfort. Internet popularity of health care job sites have improved the chances of finding health care jobs immediately. Health care professionals should be well informed and aware about the methods of appling for these jobs online.

The advantages of health care graduates having registered in these sites is they can search for their dream job based on salary ,place where they want to work and their area of research. There are many sites which are accessible for graduates and other specialists.

Graduates can check the following websites for medical and health care jobs :

For medical jobs in india register at :

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jobs for Health care professionals-

Medcarpet offers fresh graduates a better opportunity for job search. Health care professionals can search for latest jobs online and can apply instantly. Unlike many other health care job portals Medcarpet has open search option where employees can directly search and apply for the best suitable jobs.

 Medcarpet offers services to all health care professionals including doctors,nurses,dentists,pharma and physio graduates. In addition to the job search they can also browse for the latest conferences in their speciality and can keep themselves updated with the latest information.

 Register at :

Job seekers can register and apply for jobs :

Employers can register and post jobs online instantly at:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pharmacy jobs, jobs for B Pharma and D Pharma graduates

Pharmacy jobs for B pharma and D pharma graduates can be applied online through pharma job sites. There are many online pharmacy job sources but few are worth trying as they forward the CV/ resumes to respective employers. Pharmacy graduates can prepare their resumes with online resume sites which help them achieve their career satisfaction.

Pharma resumes need special attention as they require special credentials to be highlighted regarding their thesis and research. Pharmacist positions are numerous but the approach to such jobs should be well planned with good resume.

For latest pharmacy jobs visit:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Physiotherapy Vacancies- UK and Other Countries

Vacancies for physiotherapists are unlimited both in India and abroad.
Physiotherapists have numerous vacancies in UK , especially in London and throughout UK. There are many recruitment agencies who strive through to put you in position based on your needs.Requirements to be fulfilled to work as physiotherapist in UK are:
1) Should hold a degree in physiotherapy and should be registered with HPC (usually takes 3- 4 months)
2) clear declaration of health and police check clearance are some of the requirements.

For more information regarding jobs in physiotherapy you can visit:

Physio jobs in australia, for more information visit:

For more information on physiotherapy jobs and physio recruitment visit:

For more information on physiotherapy vacancies and physiotherapist salary logon to:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Physiotherapy jobs ,Physiotherapist salary free Data

Physiotherapists are in much demand today as the opportunities are abundant both in india and abroad. Physiotherapists can check out their expected salary range by using free salary comparison tool based on their skills, experience and education.

Pay scale index is a useful tool which provides information on change in wages based on recent trends and compensation changes over the time.
It also exhibits pay trends based on city and industry comparing other factors like experience and education of the employee.

By using these you can find out exactly how much an employee should be paid for his or her experience and skills for their jobs.Physiotherapists can benefit from this tool when they are in search of physiotherapy jobs.

Physiotherapy salary tool is useful for both freshers and experienced professionals to compare difference between their present and expected salary range.

For more information on this precise salary range tool logon to:

For more information on Physiotherapist salary visit:

For fresh jobs in india and abroad for physiotherapists register at:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Health care resumes, how to write, where to submit

Writing a good health care resume is very important for all health care professionals. A good health care resume should highlight about the skills of the professional, experience and their commitment to the profession.
There are many sites which will create a good resume with all technical aspects.
Professionals can download templates which are separately designed for health care people which includes their professional experience,about internships, community activities,social work,scientific publications, paper presentations etc.

Sample health care resumes can be downloaded from:

Health care professionals can search for latest jobs and can apply for free at :

pharma jobs for fresh graduates

Friday, August 12, 2011

mbbs jobs in india, jobs for doctors in all specialities

Presently there are many sites which provides health care jobs for doctors. Doctors can register for free and can browse the latest jobs in india and abroad. MBBS jobs ,physician jobs, surgery jobs, cardiology jobs and all jobs in all specialities. Today many sites provides exclusive service for health care professionals only to give them best information about their specialities and to update them with latest knowledge about the upcoming events in their field.

Professionals can choose their field and can register for free. Instantly they can browse the latest and best suitable jobs for them.Professionals always require good guidance and selective posts in order to keep them updated. Today there are many sites which provides good knowledge to the professionals and also educate them with latest articles.

For more information on medical jobs :

For more information about conferences and articles:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC)

Wockhardt Hospitals offers diploma courses in clinical cardiology for MBBS Graduates.
IGNOU and Wockhardt hospitals , Surat jointly are conducting this full time course for MBBS graduates who are MCI registered.
-A two years full time Programme on non invasive cardiology since 2006

-More than 300 cardiologists from 60 Top Cardiac Institutes involved in Training of the PGDCC students

-6 Months Training in Wards + OPD

-3 months Training in ECG/Stress Testing

-3 Months Training in Echocardiography

-6 months Training in ICU/CCU

-3 months Training in Paediatric Cardiology

-3 months Training in Community Cardiology


Programme Fee:Rs. 39,600/- Per year Payble to IGNOU

For more information about this course you can logon to:

For latest medical jobs and health care jobs visit :

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fortis Hospitals Invites application for fellowship programmes/ DA ,DNB

Fortis Hospitals invites applications for fellowship programmes in:





Last date for Receiving applications is 15th June 2011

They are also conducting PGDCC Courses for the July 2011 session . Application to be submitted to IGNOU-Regional center.

For more information you can email Mrs Kusuma Harinarayan at

You can also logon to :

For latest job openings in medical and other health care logon to :